Birds and Fish or Fish and Birds…

Spring Migrations.  The movements of birds and fish.  My newest class is based on this idea.  I will be teaching a Tessellation Class based on this design.  The class will be held at TAUNY, Saturday, April 30th from 9 – 3.  TAUNY (Traditional Arts of Upstate New York) is located in Canton, NY.  Contact them at 315.386.4289 or email them at .  Visit their website and click on Calendar for more details.

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Fish For Sale!

For the first time ever I am taking the plunge and putting some of my work up for sale.  Both my home in Watertown, NY and my summer home on The St. Lawrence River have turned into over flowing galleries.

Some of my work will be available for purchase at The Wares and Wears Exhibition and Marketplace at The TI Art Center in Clayton, NY.  The event opens December 2, 2015.  Visit their website,  for additional information.

Below are examples of some of my hand printed Gyotaku pieces that will be featured at this exhibit.basic bright fishrock fish

All of these wall hangings have hand-guided, machine quilting to further bring out details found on fish in their watery environment.

sm fry swirl

My inks of choice are Golden Artist Colors.  These two prints have been enhanced with their Iridescent and Interference Acrylics.  All prints have been permanently heat set.

Welcome to my Aquarium!
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Paint Fish with Me in Sackets Harbor!

I will be teaching a class on “fish printing” or Gyotaku as it is officially called.  This class will be held in Sackets Harbor on October 10 as part of The Harvest Fest sponsored by The Hay Memorial Library and The Seaway Trail.  For more information, visit, click on upcoming events, and read about The Special Textile Arts Program.  There is also a 2015 Quilt Exhibit with vendors during this event.

 3 Carp A Round of Carp Deep Fish Nine Little Sunfish
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Quilts on a Bed… Quilts on a Barn… Quilts on a River!?… Quilts on a Fish!?

That’s right! Check out:
Quilt Camp on the River’s Facebook page

I will be hosting a Gyotaku Class (aka… Fish Printing!) at Quilt Camp On The River, at The Lodges at Oak Point in Hammond, NY.  This will be a four day event.  There will be a “Lecture and Trunk show” as well as multiple days for you to create your own Gyotaku painting. I will also show you how to turn your paintings into your own truly unique, “fish quilt.”  All the while enjoying a stay on the beautiful St. Lawrence River.

Check out the flyers below and go to Quilt Camp on the River Facebook page. Give them a “Like” and sign up today!  I hope to see you there!

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Playing With Color

Reading clockwise from the bottom: Starlight, Starbrite, and Ring-a-Round are mounted together on a 30″ square beside my front door.

This grouping serves several purposes: (1) It helps me play with color. Notice the two different reds in the center of R-a-R.  One solid red color in the center would be too heavy.  Unlike fabric, paint is a flat layer of color.  (2) The three blocks are similar but uniquely sub-divided to produce three different stars.  These designs date back to the 1930’s.  (3) They will become part of a changing seasonal welcome to my home.

Blue Snowflakes

As I move back and forth between cloth and wood, color and value play an important part in defining individual patches of the design.  That’s what makes a block work.

Fabric quilts deal with small patches, barn quilts use big patches.  If this star was just one big color, it would overwhelm the viewer.  Divide that big star up and you have an original design.

The 40″ square shown is made of 9 different colors of silk.

9-Patch Star

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…Barn Quilting Around The Corner

Barn Quilts do not have to be huge. They can even go around a corner! A block based on an 8-point star is very easy to split into quarters.  The 12″ sections shown here are left-over plywood sections from my Carpenters Wheel Block.

Fish Start

The 12″ sections of MDO shown in the previous photo have been pushed together to resemble one large block.
This group of four will be separated down the middle and mounted at a right angle on the corner of my grandchildren’s fort.
Fish in Four

The bright, lively colors are Golden Artist Colors, a present from my son. Visit their website

Barn Quilts will soon be seen on The Quilt Barn Trail in the town of Hammond, St. Lawrence County, NYS. This community borders the St. Lawrence River. Some of these Barn Quilts will be viewed from boats on The River. My barn quilts will be on my dock “barn”.  Please visit our page.

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Barn Quilts In Their Elements

As you can tell, I’ve been busy creating with paint and wood on a large scale. The “minis” I did before, helped me to decide on color placement.  These full size blocks are made from 1/2″ sign quality MDO plywood.

Carpenters' Wheel

The 36″ Carpenters Wheel and the 48″ Flying Swallows are different sizes but drawn in much the same way.  All of these blocks are from my book Star Quilts.


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Cozy on the side of the…. barn?

Barn Quilts are one of my newest projects. They are not made for beds. Take a ride through the countryside and spot them mounted on barns, homes, buildings, fences and free standing posts. Shown here: Swallows, Flying Bat, and Fish.Swallows, Bats, and Fish

Barn Quilts are made of simple geometric shapes that include large blocks of color. They are simple to paint and easy to spot from a distance. Shown here: Fan, Kite Tails, and 1922.Fan, Kite, 1922

Barn Quilts can be simple or complex. Any color combinations can be used. They can be made in any size from as small as 2′ square to as large as 8′ square. They are painted on boards and then mounted to the structure of your choice. Shown here: Whirl, Moth, Double Star.

Whirl, Moth, Double Star

Shown here: Carpenters’ Wheel, Snow Crystals, and OnStar.  Note the bold colors and simple design that “pops” against a neutral background. Warm colors against cool is very effective.

Carpenters' Wheel, Snow Crystals, OnStar

The dozen blocks above are all “minis”, painted on 1/8″ plywood and used as teaching examples.  They will be mounted on inside walls surrounding a loft.

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Hang A Quilt On Your Barn…

Take a ride through the countryside and look for Barn Quilts.  These are not found on a bed.  They are painted on large boards and then mounted on a barn or building.

They are simple to paint and easily spotted from a distance.  They can also be seen on homes, fences, and free-standing posts.

Notice that these painted quilt squares are made of simple geometric shapes that include large blocks of color.

The Town of Hammond Barn Quilt Trail in St. Lawrence County, NYS is an area that will have a trail in 2015.  I am pleased to be part of that endeavor.

Swallows, Bats, and FishCarp, Snow, Onst

Fan, Kite, 1922Whirl, Moth, Dbl

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Connecticut is nice this time of year…

If you are in Connecticut...

This event is the perfect break from winter’s storms. If you are in the area, please visit.

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